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Agile Banking

Thought our hands on experience, the mission of our professional community is to support the mid- and large-sized companies of the banking sector.

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Our services

According to our experiences, each and every organization needs to walk it’s own way, therefore instead of  “off the shelf” frameworks, the elements of our service portfolio are tailor-made to organization’s or department’s or project team’s need.

Agile Banking: Welcome

Organizational survey 

The cultural development of organisations, have recognizable stages, smilart to the personal development of people. 
 Organizations with different history, sizes, and purposes need different improvements to progress. Agile tools should also be assembled according to our understanding of the organization's current maturity – value system.  By interpreting the result, the organizational maturity survey gives us a complete picture of the organization and can help to focus on the goal of agile transition.

Team health check

The team health check will help the team to recognize problems, showing you the focus points, to operate better and more efficiently. This kind of systematic approach reduces the speculation and helps teams to become more self-aware.


Personal survey

In most agile changes, the human factor is the main driver of success. 
Individuals play an essential and key role. Understanding their motivation can raise the performance of an organization or cross-functional team up to 300%.


Contrary of traditional class-room-based education, we prefer experience-based learning, whether it's understanding board-level agility or the daily work of a scrum team. However, we also know that these lessons are merely the first baby steps aim for agility, but successful operation can be ensured in the long run through the tools and support of agile coaching.


Agile Coaching

Adapting an agile approach creates continuous value, but it is a long-term work that in most cases involves a lot of ups and downs. 
 It is not our intention to paint a pink mist and make our customers believe that they will take a dream trip, but with strong faith and the allocation of the appropriate resources for change (money and time) we can ensure the success of daily operational work in the long run.

Agile Banking: Services

Strategic advice 

Our agile consulting approach is based on the Spine model.

Interpreting and matching the concept of real agility into corporate cultures isn’t a small task these days. Based on our experience, it works only within up-to-date, authentic agile conditions.


Our agile advisory community

Our community members create value for our customers by adapting their diverse, practical, professional knowledge acquired in large organisations. They develop the most optimal, personalized framework for the organisation aligned with the objectives.

Agile Banking: Services

Anita Horváth

Product Owner Shadowing



Agile Coach


Agile Coach,

Software Architect

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István Marhefka

Emich Szabolcs.jfif

Agile Coach


Valentin Németh

Agile Coach

Kemény Nándor.jfif

Nándor Kemény

Agile Coach

Szabolcs Emich 

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Management consultant, Trainer

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