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Senior Project Manager

We're looking for:

  • You have been leading projects at least 3-5 years.

  • For you it’s a child’s play to have a kick-off or steering committee presentation and it's okay to have it in English or chat with foreign management.

  • You have a first hand experience what it means to have a problem with scope, timing, resources, money, stakeholders, quality, etc..

  • In all of these you can see the challenge, not the problems.

  • You've already solved a plenty professional and human conflicts.

  • You don't take it personally if someone is upset to deal with projects besides their daily work.

  • You know what's important to business, what’ a problem for IT, and what's the management really interested in.

  • You're tired of it but you're still doing regular project reports.

  • You're happy to go to the status meetings to inspire the team and at the end of the day you can be proud of those who have once again managed to build a castle from {#&@}. :)


Junior Project Manager 

We're looking for:

  • You’ve seen at least someone who lead a project (it could have been in the mirror ;)

  • You've read (or at least you're willing to read) the PMI Handbook and it's okay if you think it might be enough to make you a good project manager.

  • You understand that it takes a long time and experience for one to learn to recognize and properly deal with "situations" and that uncertainty and crisis are also part of life.

  • You know, just because a task has been added to a list, maybe has been sent through an e-mail (even with responsibile and deadline), that doesn't mean it's going to be done.

  • There have been several people you have spoken to, corresponded with in English and seemed to understand.  

  • Beside your university thesis, you have created several other Word documents as well. You know what a header and a footer is. You've tried it in Power Point, but you're NO LONGER using animation effects. You've used built-in functions, auto filter, and PIVOT in Excel. And you are willing to prove it.

  • You realize that just because you've got a project manager title doesn't mean you don’t have to carry the projector the same way.


IT Coordinator

We're looking for:

  • You’re not afraid talking to people about the status of tasks beside the weather and the last football game.

  • You are a friend of JIRA, SNOW or any "ticketing" system. But if nothing else, you list the tasks in an Excel table, so you know when to insult who to insult to get things done.

  • You read in English well, especially if there are lot of acronyms. If necessary, you can speak English and people can understand you through the moves you've learned from the Activity game.

  • You're proud to know the meaning of almost every acronym used by "IT nerds." Or at least you have a friend (Google :) who you dare to secretly ask when you don't know one of them.

  • The architecture diagram is not a board of a game, nor a cobweb, but a wonderful, secret world that operates the organization's daily life.

  • You know "quality is the best recipe", so you enforce Q&A and only turn your head when investigating production errors and the operator lets the developer to the black-and-green screen.

  • You don’t go to the hospital birth room for a go-live but you go to IT operation department. You order the pizzas, coke and telling jokes to avoid the team falling asleep or hitting [ENTER] at the end.

  • In short you like IT guys (and girls as well) and you like to be with them. :)


Test Manager

We're looking for:

  • You believe there is no perfect development, just well-tested software.

  • You've seen quite a few bloody tests, so you know that you have to plan not only software, but also testing!

  • The test is not HIV+ for you. The Bug is not synonymous with the college  cockroach. And QC is your best friend's initials.

  • You'll be delighted to create fancy diagrams so that not only the last pawn, but also the grey-haired management have a sense of life, whether the battleship is passing or running aground.

  • There's an automated interpretation unit built into your head to translate online between the business tester in the ivory tower and the UFO-speaking IT guys.

  • You have been a janicsar chaser in your previous life and you're feeling the joy of whipping up business error notices and IT faces in the final hours of UAT to finally solve the latest blocking bug that has not been solved since testing began. 

  • You will prepare the report for the go-live approval with smooth face after you have listed the "remainging issue" for management on the Go/NoGo Committee for an hour.


Agile Coach

We're looking for:

  • You have courage and openness to constant change. You always learn something, experiment, share your knowledge and use your systemic thinking to help others understand the challenges of today's world.

  • You were present in soul at the wording of the Agile Manifesto, and you can apply lean principles even in your dream. You explore so deep both theoretical and practical connection levels that sometimes you find yourself on the other side of the Earth.

  • You have gained experience in a variety of agile frameworks and methodologies, you know their strengths and weaknesses. Although the train doesn't wait, you know not everyone has to board the same train.

  • You can analyze an organization and the operations of teams at a system level using appropriate tools. You communicate results well and help formulate development goals and maintain people constantly in their responsibility.

  • You can both facilitate, train and coach. You can create a management presentation at any time and it's okay to do it in English. You communicate well with middle- and upper-level managers.

  • You're building an ever-expanding toolkit to effectively ward off obstacles to the progress of your organization and teams. You can confidently explore conflicts and handle them diplomatically.

  • Your initiating, community-building, cross-team collaboration skills have been demonstrated in countless situations.

  • You dare to commit that (after careful orientation) you give factual feedback, even to supreme leaders, that they don't like because you know it's in their best interest.

  • You love the challenges, the fact that you don't have two similar days. “Growth approach” was your sign already in kindergarten.


Scrum Master

We're looking for:

  • You have courage and openness to constant change. You always learn something, experiment, share your knowledge and use your systemic thinking to help others understand the challenges of today's world.

  • You not only have read the Agile manifesto, but you know the deeper context on both the theoretical and practical levels.

  • Scrum's core values are in your blood, their frame is in your little finger. You can both facilitate, train and coach. You are flexible, and you know that instead of chasing perfection, constant progress is more joyful :)

  • You regularly talk to developers, Product Owners, managers and anyone else who is important to the team. You can help them to better understand the framework, the useful methods and trying out new things.

  • With unyielding calmness, you take the challenge with learned inertia and push toward solutions. You are building an ever-expanding toolbar to effectively tackle obstacles to your team's progress.

  • You can define metrics, communicate transparently and motivatingly about your team's performance. You can help to set development goals and keep the team in constant responsibility. 

  • You have an empathetic attitude, instead of judging, you're looking for common denominator, and you don't go against the wall when you encounter conflicts or situations or customs far from you.

  • Your initiative, community-building and collaborative skills have been demonstrated in countless situations.


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