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Agility for organizational leaders​


The opportunity is best recommended for decision-making leaders (e.g. department heads, directors) who are concerned with the following questions:​

  • Why the Agile approach is popular and timely today,what values does it add to organizational functioning?

  • How is it different?The daily life of an agile leader? What are your roles and responsibilities in the organization?

  • How do we knowcoordinate Agile and non-Agile organizational units and tasksat management level? How can traditional and iterative decision-making mechanisms be operated at the same time?​

What is the 4 x half-day training about?​

  • As a leader, how do I relate to the questions of Agility?​

  • Agile leadership role - how does an Agile leader lead?​

  • The relationship between internal motivation and Agility?​

  • Why is Agility necessary and what value does the use of the Agile approach create?​

  • What does the organization gain if I, as a leader, know more about the Agile approach and application of frameworks?​

  • How much does my leadership role change in Agile operation?​

  • How does Agility help my managerial work?​

  • Which Agile transformation fits our organizational culture?​

  • What are the prerequisites for a successful transformation?​

  • Before starting an organizational transformation, why is a deeper understanding of Agility crucial primarily for managers?​

  • How can we be more agile?​

  • Can an organization be Agile and not Agile at the same time? And what is hybrid operation?​

  • Hybrid (Agile & predictive project management) organizational structure and operation?​

  • Agile transformations - the good, the bad and the ugly?

Technical conditions

Our trainer

Kemény Nándor.jfif

​​Tough Nándor

Certified Scrum Professional®-ScrumMaster, PMP®, trainer, coach, agile project management expert, development consultant​

With more than 20 years of domestic and international experience. I have worked both abroad and at home,  for large multinational companies and family suppliers.​

I am an enthusiastic representative and messenger of Lean-Agile values; born servant-leader and trainer.

The training fee

HUF 141,000 + VAT

Date of training

Under design

Application conditions

Participation in the training is subject to prior registration.

Application deadline: under planning

Thank you if you forward the page link to all your colleagues,

for whom the acquisition of such knowledge and experience is relevant. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

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