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Project management

Our goals and methods that make our projects more successful!

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Why project management?

"We can't bend time and space, we just have to get the best out of people and opportunities."

Our whole life, everything that surrounds us, our world is about continuous change. One of the basic goals of our life is continuous development.

In the life of companies, this kind of change is nothing but the project. The project is the hope of renewal, starting over, improving the existing or starting something completely new. At the same time, creating something new is the joy of creation, creativity.

Just as every person, every life situation, every project is different. In this way, project management will be a continuous challenge, a lifelong profession. Where a person as a leader can be in the privileged position of being the fire, the engine of change.

This is a very creative task, as in many cases it is not only necessary to assess the people, the field and the rules well, but also to recognize the situations when you have to take a step back and try even the field and to modify the rules as well, in order for the task, the change, to be successful.

And the key to everything lies in people. After all, they create the rules and they themselves carry out the change.

For us, project management is about human relationships. The golden rule is that the project manager communicates 95% of the time. Communication takes place between people and only works if it captures the human aspect in addition to the professional aspect. After all, tasks are carried out by people. And the manager's job is to organize the team and, seeing their best self in them, get the most out of the project.

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Basic theorem 3 of good project-management!

I believe that one of the keys to good project management is understanding people.

Empathy is a basic need to get the best out of the team and thus the project. The understanding approach, which is not the same as the permissive approach. Empathy, if we empathize with the other person's situation, helps us understand the motivations, possible current barriers or even helping factors, through which the person concerned can feel more at home in the task in which we count on him. Even today, this approach can release the energies inherent in people in a surprising way for me. When they feel understood and by accepting their weaknesses, the project manager builds on their strengths.

The other basic attitude is a positive outlook and thinking!

The "We didn't know it was impossible, so we did it" attitude. It is also a value that multiplies the potential inherent in people. Simply maintaining a good mood and cheerfulness can help resolve seemingly intractable situations. After all, it helps the team not to be blocked in the search for a solution by negative thoughts. Maintains enthusiasm and commitment for the project. Everyone prefers to deal with the tasks of a community with a good mood and a positive attitude, rather than one where they focus on difficulties.

Last but not least, the greatest strength is the strength of the community!

After all, a person is capable of 100x more effort for a good friend who is in communion with him than for any reward or lofty goal. The most important means of community building are spreading the aforementioned empathic atmosphere and maintaining a positive, energetic atmosphere. After all, everyone feels the best and gets the most out of themselves when they work for a community where they feel accepted and can work in a good mood despite the challenges!

"In this way, instead of budget, resources and timing, the 3rd principle of project management will be empathy, positivity and community."

About Projektmenedzsment: About

What makes a consultant a consultant?!

I can't wait to write it... :)


"You will see!"

About Projektmenedzsment: About
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